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I wanna move to Europe… maybe Italy…

Photo 26 Jul 2 notes Le Mans 2014 by David85Williams on Flickr.
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Bright’s on Flickr.

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I’ve been sitting a lot here at the cafe in the Barnes and Noble, rebuilding my life and who I am on paper that these corporate people call a, ‘resume’. Its a facinating thing to prove oneself and their identity to hiring managers though your words, not necessarily your actions. But I wonder as my story continues to unfold, what are the other stories blossoming with the people around me? There’s a mom with her two kids as she continues to grab educational books to go over with her kids. Algebra lady? Really? Shes, what, ten? Then there’s the barista who on every hour greets customers over the speaker pretending she’s Robin as it is Batman’s 75th anniversary. I cannot seem to get tired of hearing her say, ‘Holy Macciato Batman!’. There’s a couple teens a few tables away gossiping about teachers and other teens. And there’s the little lady in her thirties going over a gardening book. My story seems out of place out of all these around me though at the same time, a part of it. Though we never really get to know one another, we all affect each other. I’m off now. My current story wants me to take my mom shopping in this mall. Laters…

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22-092 by nick dewolf photo archive on Flickr.


Photo 23 Jul 3 notes Christina Perri - Thousand Years

Christina Perri - Thousand Years

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Don’t Be A Jerk on Flickr.

Don’t Be A Jerk

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